Christopher Willis

It’s a provocative statement, but great content marketing shouldn’t be built to sell your product. I know. Sounds crazy. But really, great content marketing should be built to answer questions, bring awareness to a problem and it’s solutions, and provide value. By eliminating a sales pitch, and in essence, forgetting about your target prospect for a moment, you can build content that can help a much wider audience find your company, identify with a common problem, and be smarter for reading it. Sub-Topics Covered: What’s really driving your content downloads? #search - Who’s downloading your content, and who’s not? #relevance - Why much of your content gets ignored. #lackofvalue - How you can increase the business results of your content. #contentfitness

Chris is recognised as a highly innovative and results oriented executive with demonstrated experience developing successful marketing and sales organisations. Professionally trained and disciplined with a strong client following. Has the proven ability to build success from the ground up with a focus on strategies and activities that contribute to the growth of corporate assets and revenue.

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Forget Customers. Focus on Value.

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