Marla Woodward

Imagine you’re in your 20s. In the Philippines. You’re moderating a focus group, broadcast live in front of 400 of your company’s top leadership, to get insights on an important upcoming product launch. The company has spent tens of thousands of dollars on this session. And as you gaze out over the sea of respondents, it dawns on you - no one in this room speaks English and you don’t speak Tagalog. What do you do?

Join Marla as she shares anecdotes and explores the role of improvisation and experimentation in the lives of modern marketers.

Marla is currently the Head of Product Marketing at Attest. A career marketer with a broad range of experience across Entertainment, Consumer Goods, and Technology sectors, she has a proven track record of creative problem solving resulting in revenue growth, better customer experiences, and lower operational costs. An avid performing arts enthusiast with an undergrad minor in Theatre, no one was surprised when she interpreted her life’s work through the lens of the stage.

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When nothing goes as planned

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