Sairam Krishnan

The markets are crowded. There are too many products, too much advertising. This means that as marketers, our job is more difficult than ever. We need every advantage we can get our hands on. One of these that underlines all the marketing we do is signalling. In B2B marketing, signalling becomes even more important in the context of categories and executive decision making. This is what we’ll go over today with examples and stories from the Indian context about how signalling can be used to incredible effect in our marketing.

Having led marketing teams in companies like Freshworks, Wingify, and imocha, in the past, Sairam currently leads Accel’s content and brand marketing initiatives. He also helps portfolio startups with their marketing strategies and tactics.

Sairam was one of the early employees of Freshworks and led content, product, and brand marketing teams at different stages of the company.

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Stand out with Signalling

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